Hardwood Pre-Installation Checklist


This will help explain what steps need to be taken to prepare your home for the installation of your new hardwood flooring.  It also offers advice about what to expect following the installation, adding furniture and/or rugs and helpful care advice.  If you have any questions or concerns about your hardwood flooring, please call the experts at Burgess Flooring Center 478-742-3366.

1. Make sure your breakables, electronics, and valuables are relocated to an area away from the rooms where your new floors are to be installed.
2. It is advisable to remove pictures, items on low shelves and any breakable on the wall, while we take exceptional care while in your home, accidents do happen. Let’s ensure those accidents are minimized by proper preparation.
3. If wood is being installed on a second floor, please secure light fixtures and/or globes on the ceiling of rooms directly below as vibrations from working above may cause loosening of the fixture.
4. Please make sure all pets are secured away from the work area.  Technicians will be in and out of the house multiple times.  Burgess Flooring Center cannot be responsible for your pet.  
5. Most cutting takes place outside your home however, some cutting, such as the undercutting of door jambs, or removal of existing flooring must be done inside.  This may create dust during the installation.  Please inform us prior to work beginning if special procedures are necessary.  A temporary shutdown of your HVAC may be necessary. It is recommended to change your air filter after the installation.
6. A moisture inspection is done at the time of your initial measurement.  That inspection is only that moment in time. Conditions change rapidly, if an extended time has elapsed between the initial measurement and the actual installation date, or if you notice moisture issues in crawl spaces or basements, please inform someone at Burgess Flooring Center immediately as the presence of moisture may adversely affect the performance of your wood floor.
7. If your floor is an on-site finished floor, I.E. sanding, staining etc. we will need access to a 220 volt receptacle. These are commonly used for dryers and ranges.  Please make that area available for our sanding technicians.
8. We will do all that we can to keep a safe environment while working in your home, but we ask for your assistance with keeping children and pets away from the work areas due to the sharp objects and power tools we must use.    

After The Installation; What to Expect

1. Face nailing is an industry accepted method of securing nailed down wood in areas too close to walls and cabinetry.  Face nailing is the process of nails applied on the visible surface of the wood.  This is necessary.  The nail holes will be filled with a color matching putty or a stainable putty depending on the type of wood installed.
 2. You will notice slight color variations board to board and in trim pieces.  These variances are natural in an organic product.  They are considered normal and are not deemed as defects.
3. If you are adding on to an existing floor there will be color and patina variations depending on the age of the existing floor.  Most all wood darkens with exposure to natural light, this is normal. The new floor usually blends in overtime with exposure and use.
4. If your new flooring is pre‐finished hardwood, you may use it immediately after installation.  There is no need to wait before moving your furniture, rugs, and accessories back in to the rooms.  
5. Sand in place flooring requires curing of the urethane finish before you resume to normal use of the floor. Wait 24 hours before furniture replacement and 10 days before rolling out rugs and tapestries.
6. You should never slide furniture or boxes across any wood floor. No matter how hard or durable the finish is, it can scratch.  Felt pads are recommended on the bottom of furniture or chairs that are used frequently.
7. The installation of wood flooring can mimic the imperfections in your sub‐floor. No floor is perfectly smooth. Certain preparations can be recommended if necessary.  Make sure to discuss this situation with your measurer/inspector prior to installation.
8. If you have selected a floor with a higher gloss level expect to see more imperfections such as scratches, dents, and soil as they occur because the higher sheen will amplify such things.
9. If your floors are going to be sanded for a sand in place installation, or your old floors are being refinished, we will take measures to restrict dust from traveling into areas other than the rooms being serviced, but it may still occur to a minimal degree.  It is recommended to cover fixtures and electronics in areas adjacent to where the work is being done.
10. There may be some color variation from the stain swatches and/or samples of pre-finished product once it is applied/installed to the flooring due to the natural characteristics such as varying densities and mineral content of wood flooring.



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